Farid Elhami was born on11 April 1979 in Sahneh (Kermanshah province). His grandfather alive Seyyed Ayaz Qazvinehei, who was among of the professor and stylist musicien of Tanbour. His father Seyyed Hejabuddin was one of the leading directors of the theater of Kermanshah province. In this family, Tanbour has been inherited from the ten generations ever since. At the age of seven, by encouragement of her mother, began playing setar, through his cousins, Seyyed Safeddin , Seyyed Wahhab, and at the same time, he began to learn the Magham of Tanbour through his grandfather. Afer passe away of Sayyed Ayaz, he continued learning through Seyyed Amrullah Shah Ebrahimi and learned ancient Magham and Haqqani of Tanbour.. on 2000 he formed the “Whisper of Love” band. At the same time he continued working under supervision of Professor Behrouz Taheri in the “Rochiar” group. On 2005, Elhami formed the Ferdowsi group based on Maghami’s music. Since 2006 in cooperation with the grate Iranian Master singer, Shahram Nazeri, he composed Rostam and Sohrab opera based on Kurdish Shahnameh and Drafsh- e -Kaviani adapted from Ferdowsis shahnameh whichwere presented in major cities in Iran and the world.]


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